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EYO 2015 2

Brain Games

In the workshops, small groups of students are engaged in hands-on activities related to math, science, engineering or technology careers. Workshops are led by women professionals. Workshop leaders will also share their careers, their preparation for them, some of their work experiences and a little bit about their personal lives (family, pets, hobbies and outside interests). Workshop leaders become role models for the girls.

Attendees are able to choose from a wide variety of fun workshops and are assigned to two.  All workshops are conducted in English.

1. Blizzard in a Bottle!
Create a “snowflake crystal” scene in a jar using Chemistry!
Denise Beautreau, BS, MS, General Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

2. Brain Games
Learn about some of the mind boggling things a brain can do from making memories to controlling emotions.
Jenny Libien, MD, PhD, Interim Chair, Department of Pathology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

3. Egg-cellent Parachutes Don’t let it Splat!
Learn about the basics of flight in order to ensure your egg’s safe landing in a parachute.
Kristin Contreras, Student, Computer Engineering, Manhattan College; Jaclyn Marchetta, Student, Chemical Engineering , Manhattan College

4. Hands-On Cosmetic Chemistry (2 sessions)
Step into the laboratory and design your own cosmetic potion.
Anna Czarnota, MS, Group Leader; Tracey McGrory, MS, Group Leader, Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. Ruby Nazario, MS, Senior Chemist; Laura Ihrig, BS, Developmental Chemist, Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

5. It’s a Sugar… It’s a Base… It’s DNA!
Discover the structure of DNA and learn how to isolate DNA from your own cells painlessly.
Jeanette Sutherland, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Weill Cornell Medical College

6. Kitchen Concoctions!
Ransack your kitchen and come learn the chemistry behind the products you see in your cabinets every day!
Nicole A. Porco, Student, Chemistry, Fordham University 


Paper Engineering + Origami

7. Paper Engineering + Origami = (Fun)²
You will learn how to use paper to build an icosahedron-shaped container in which you can store jewelry and other small items. You will also make a spinning top.
Karen R. Wellington, MA, Retired mathematics teacher, NY

8. Play Doctor
Learn the physical exam components and tools that doctors and PAs use to evaluate sick patients.
Rosanna Adis, BS, MS-PA, Physician Assistant, Columbia University Medical Center

9. Playing Games in Alice World
Learn to create interactive games using “Alice” programming.
Mary Tedeschi, BBA, MS, DPS, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pace University and St. John’s University, Senior Passport Specialist, U.S. Dept. of State

10. Rolling Drone Bots
Manually operate and program Unmanned Ground Vehicles.
Dawn Tucker, STEM Enrichment instructor for communities serving female and minority students. UPenn Distance Learning Robotics Specialization Program

11. Using Leverage to get Super Powers
Learn basics about how levers can multiply force and how leverage is used in everyday items. Build and take home a model of a common type of lever.
Susan Stapleton, BS, MS, Vice President, Engineering Processes and Systems, Vecco Instruments, Inc.

12. Wading Through The Web
Smarter searching on the Internet – DeeperWeb, Clusty, Carrot, website reliability checks. Oh My.
Cynthia Stroh, BA, MS, DPS candidate, Information Management Senior Analyst, Atos


Testing Robots

13. What size is a cell?
Ever wonder how big cells are? Play a computer game to help scientists measure cell sizes.
Adrienne Roeder, PhD, Assistant Professor; Dana Robinson, graduate student, Cornell University

14. Whatever Floats Your Boat Keep your boat afloat with your knowledge of material science and forces.
Susan Bazik, Student, Civil Engineering, Manhattan College; Maggie Brownson, Student, Mechanical Engineering, Manhattan College

15. Woman & Machine
Learn about and create mechanical systems that mimic or interact with the human body in beautiful and useful ways.
K.C. Reddy, BS, MST, Teacher, Pablo Neruda Academy

16. Lifting the Chemical Fingerprint…
Learn to be a detective and start using your eyes, ears, nose and some weird tools to track down strange smells…let”s hunt down those clues!
Catherine Bobenhausen, MS, Senior Industrial Hygienist and environmental specialist, Vidaris, Inc. NYC