Branch Administration

teamPart of any successful organization is the myriad of dedicated people behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly.

Through work on the Board and Branch projects, members are able to grow personally and professionally. They build:

  • leadership skills, such as public speaking, management and coalition building;
  • technical skills, such as desktop publishing, copy editing, database management and financial management; and
  • new friendships with other outstanding women.

To find out more details about how the branch is administered, check out our Board Handbook. You can find out our current Board and Advisory Council members through the Branch Leadership page on this website.


Manages the business of the branch; coordinating meeting times and venues, editing the Board Handbook, assisting the Branch President(s), providing a Parliamentarian for meetings and keeping the bylaws up-to-date. Additionally, the Nominating Committee is responsible for presenting a slate of candidates to the Board for the Spring election.

Membership and Programs

Encompasses all aspects related to registering new members and the administration of the membership data. Specific responsibilities range from planning talks for branch meetings, social events for members such as the Spring Fling and summer activities to conducting the membership campaign, to developing and updating the branch Yearbook, and outreach to coalition partners.

AAUW Westchester Branch is a member of the Westchester County Federation of Women’s Clubs.


Keeps members informed of the business of AAUW National, AAUW New York State and the Branch through the branch newsletter, website, and Facebook page.

The branch newsletter, CHIPS, is published 10 times per year and sent via e-mail, or postal mail for those who prefer hard copy.


Maintains branch records for the benefit of the branch and community.  AAUW has played and continues to play an important role in the women’s movement so preserving our history is vital.