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We welcome volunteers and donors!  The Girls for STEM – Explore Your Opportunities conference is run entirely by volunteers.  We need volunteers as part of the Planning Committee to plan and execute the event, volunteer professional women in STEM fields to be Workshop Leaders and “Mystery Women” role models, students in STEM fields as Workshop Assistants, and many volunteers on the day of the event to help at the registration tables, as hall monitors and in various other ways to make the event go smoothly.  It takes over 100 volunteers to run this conference!

If you would like to make a donation, please use the Donation Form
Thank you for your kindness.

You can help! 

Planning and volunteering for the conference is a fun and rewarding experience.
If you are a female identifying high school student willing to volunteer to help us help on the day of the event, please click here.

If you are a professional woman in STEM, willing to share your story, informally with the girls, please consider being a ‘Mystery Woman’. email:

You can help! Whether you are interested in taking an active role, think you might like to lead a workshop, want to be a “Mystery Woman” or would like to assist where needed on the day of the conference, we welcome your participation. Contact us at Girls for STEM – Explore Your opportunities.

Earn community service hours by volunteering!  Contact us to volunteer.