Action & Outreach

how can I helpThe Westchester Branch maintains a variety of action groups and community outreach projects, where members’ talents and creativity are utilized to serve the local community.  These groups are the grassroots activism that is the excitement and foundation of AAUW.

Our flagship outreach projects are our annual Girls for STEM in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Conference for 7th grade girls held at the College of Mount St. Vincent in Riverdale (Bronx), and our $tart $mart pay negotiation workshops held at local colleges and universities to help narrow the gender wage gap. We also organize annual Running and Winning workshops in partnership with the League of Women Voters to encourage high school women to stand for public office.

Our many programs are listed below. For more information contact us or consult the calendar and newsletter to see when the next meeting will be held. All meetings are open to everyone.

Branch Intern Program

The Internship program is in collaboration with Purchase College SUNY, where their students work part-time at our branch for a semester in public relations and other AAUW-related activities and receive academic credits.

College Mentoring

Volunteers mentor college students at local colleges, such as the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Community Service

Volunteers collect and distribute items to local groups such as the Bedford Women’s Prison.

Educational Awards

Gives scholarships and awards to outstanding local students. Female eighth graders receive AAUW certificates for excellence in math and science. Female seniors are awarded for being outstanding students in service to their school, academic ability, and potential for future service to women in the solution of social and civic problems.  Female seniors are also awarded for excellence in creative as well as formal writing. Community college graduating women are given scholarships towards their Bachelor’s degrees.


Pay Equity Outreach

Promotes pay equity for women by conducting Start Smart workshops at local colleges and universities. These workshops teach awareness of the gender pay gap, how to determine appropriate salaries for different positions, and help develop pay negotiation skills.
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Works with all aspects of the media to get the word out about our dynamic programs and projects. By successfully publicizing our events we are able to increase the impact of our efforts.

Public Policy / Advocacy / Voter Education

Explains AAUW’s role in protecting the rights of women and families and advocates for those positions at the local and state levels. We make a difference by creating awareness and promoting activism. We also work to advance AAUW’s public policy issues through voter education and community outreach.20031208_election2004-reg

Running and Winning

In collaboration with the League of Women Voters and YWCA White Plains, the Westchester Branch holds an annual Running and Winning workshop for high school women to encourage them to explore public service as a career. Designed for junior and senior high school women, this one-day workshop brings together students from Westchester with local female elected officials to hear about their experiences in seeking and holding public office.

Girls for STEM

Encourages girls to continue their studies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to keep all career paths open to them. The Girls for STEM conference organized annually by AAUW Westchester Branch in partnership with Mount Saint Vincent College and  the New York City AAUW, introduces 7th grade girls to career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
Girls for STEM conference website