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Students are able to select two choices from a variety of fun workshops and will be assigned one of their choices.  All workshops are conducted in English.


Let’s Take a Cell-fie
You will never look at the vegetables on your plate the same way.  What part of the plant did they come from? Which vegetables are closely related to one another? Plants are composed of cells—what do the cells look like?  Be prepared to get up close and personal with vegetables and learn how this information is helping scientists improve farming.  We will virtually tour a research laboratory at Cornell that researches plant cells.
Adrienne Roeder, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University (with Isabella Burda, Michelle Heeney, Carly Rodriguez, Dr. Avilash Singh Yadav)

Students will learn about the processes that plants perform and how these processes supports all life on earth. Using the basic elements of water and light, students will witness photosynthesis right in front of their eyes and use experimental design to explore how different environmental factors can influence a plant’s metabolism.
Angelica E. Patterson, PhD, Master Science Educator, Black Rock Forest 

The Future of Lighting: The power of sustainable lighting design
Learn about the fundamentals of lighting design, lighting sustainability, and the women who passionately move the industry behind the scenes. If you are interested in how lighting affects our lives, from the ambiance of our environment to the effect it has on our behavior, don’t wait. Sign up for this unique lighting workshop and see how women globally are progressing the future with lighting design.
Leigha Lugo, Co-Founder, Lightwater Creative 

Slide-ing into Cells
If you sign up for this workshop, we will send you a lab kit with one foldable microscope and several slides of model organisms to observe. During the workshop, students will learn how to draw scientifically. There will also be an optional pre-session for reviewing how to assemble microscopes.
Jocelyn Wong, Edita Cosovic, Zubayer Mahbub, Students, Bronx High School of Science

Brain Games
Put on your thinking cap and learn to make a model brain cell while learning about all the mind boggling things a brain can do- from recognizing words and colors, to making memories, to controlling your movements.
Jenny Libien, MD PhD, Chair of Pathology, Downstate Health Sciences University

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
Learn to stop zombie disease from spreading and how to survive the apocalypse healthy and strong.
Whitney Bagge, PhD MPH, Disease Ecologist, Ecohealth Alliance

Explore AI and Art with mozAIrt (
Explore Artificial intelligence from its basics and explore how it can be applied in the world around us through interactive activities. Learn about ethics-in-AI topics like the impacts of facial recognition on marginalized communities, through the creation of music and art.
Anika Puri, Senior at Horace Greeley High School & Founder of mozAIrt

Navigating COVID-19 in NYC
Students will use Tableau to monitor and make their own predictions on Covid 19 data trends. Students will learn how to use data to better understand the impact of the pandemic across different socio-economic groups, ages, and races.
Elise  Kohl-Grant & Khushboo Shah, Chief Information Officer – Innovative Management Solutions New York, Managing Member – Gifted Builders, NY Advisor, User Engagement – Welligent (EKG) & Director, Data Solutions, Innovative Management Solutions New York