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EYO 2015 2

Brain Games

In the workshops, small groups of students are engaged in hands-on activities related to math, science, engineering or technology careers. Workshops are led by women professionals. Workshop leaders will also share their careers, their preparation for them, some of their work experiences and a little bit about their personal lives (family, pets, hobbies and outside interests). Workshop leaders become role models for the girls.

Attendees are able to choose from a wide variety of fun workshops and are assigned to two.  All workshops are conducted in English.


1.  Brain Games
Learn about some of the mind boggling things a brain can do from making memories to controlling emotions.
Jenny Libien, MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Pathology, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2.  Hands-On Cosmetic Chemistry (2 sessions)
Step into the lab and design your own cosmetic potion.
Anna Czarnota, MS, Group Leader; Tracey McGrory, MS, Group Leader, Estee Lauder Companies
Ruby Nazario, MS, Senior Chemist; Laura Ihrig, MS, Developmental Chemist, Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

3. It’s Art! It’s Art! It’s all MozAIrt!
Discover the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence through music and art!
Anika Puri, Horace Greely High School Student

4. Kitchen Concoctions!
Ransack your kitchen and learn the chemistry behind the products you see in your cabinets every day!
Nicole A. Porco, Graduate Student, Environmental Health Sciences, New York University

5. Survive the Zombie Apocalyse
Learn to stop zombie disease from spreading.
Whitney Bagge,
PhD, MPH, Disease Ecologist, Ecohealth Alliance

6.  What size is a cell?
When you look at a plant, what can you see? What if you could see even closer — to individual cells? Play a computer game and help scientists collect the data!
Adrienne Roeder,
PhD, Associate Professor, Cornell University

7. Math Games
How to be clever and win games by using mathematical logic.
Estelle Kone, PhD, VicePresident Market Risk, Goldman Sacks

8. The Power of Hydrogen
Acid/base chemistry in the world around us
Marina Smiley, PhD Candidate, Columbia University

9.  Brain Barbies
Your brain is a 3-pound organ that can store the same amount as 4,000 desktop computers!
Learn more about your built-in superpower in an elegant, informational, and fun way!
Alliyah Steele, ThinkSTEAM National Program Co-Director, NCWIT National Aspirations in Computing Regional Affiliate Award Winner 2020


Students from Bronx High School of Science, who participated in the Intel International Science and Engineering Competition will present their award-winning science projects.  They will explain how they were inspired to succeed.