Branch Meetings & Special Events 2023/24

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Schedule for 2023-2024 Branch Meetings

special events

Branch Meetings will be held either on ZOOM or at an alternative location. Alternative locations will be emailed to members. In the event of inclement weather, check your email for a notice of change to all-remote format (i.e. Zoom only). If you do not have an email address, call Susan Lambert. In-person format cancellations will be made and transmitted no later than 2 hours before start time.


“Women’s Ever-Present Role

in Advancing Gender Equity”


Branch Meeting                                                  5:30 p.m.                 GPL and Zoom

Program: Meet Your AAUW Branch Leaders

Are you new to AAUW? A Life member? Or somewhere in between? Meet our Westchester Branch officers and interest group and action group leaders to learn about the history and priorities of AAUW at the national, state, and branch levels. Light refreshments will be served.

Speaker:Branch Leadership


Branch Meeting                                                  5:30 p.m.               GPL or Zoom

Program: Westchester Women and Girls in County Government

Westchester County Executive George Latimer will speak about the importance of women in the county government and encouraging girls’ involvement in government and community action.

Speaker: George Latimer, Westchester County Executive Director



Branch Meeting                                              5:30 p.m.               GPL and Zoom

Program: Women in Combat in the Post 9/11 Era

Andrea Molina, a former Marine who served two tours in Iraq will discuss her work with veterans and her personal journey. She will describe who is serving the military after the events on September 11, 2001, and the impact of women joining during that time. Andrea will discuss her experience as a 12-year peer veteran suicide prevention coordinator/Director and the intricacies of the veteran community especially amongst women serving during post 9/11. She also will share her experience as a woman Marine and as a woman combat veteran.

Speakers: Andrea Molina


Holiday Luncheon                                          12:00 p.m.             Restaurant TBD



Branch Meeting                                                10:30 a.m.               GPL and Zoom

Program: Alzheimer’s: Know the Ten Warning Signs

David Zucker and Meg Boyce from the Alzheimer’s Association Hudson Valley Chapter will discuss Alzheimer’s and women. Learn about the Ten Warning Signs for this disease.

Speaker: David Zucker, Community Engagement Manager and Meg Boyce, LMSW, CDCP Vice President of Programs & Services



Branch Meeting                                                  10:30 a.m.               GPL and Zoom

Program: Black Women in Westchester

AJ Woodson, Editor-in-Chief of Black Westchester, will discuss his book “Black Westchester” and the achievements of many of the black women who made history in Westchester. His stories heroize the beauty of blackness and the bravery of these natural leaders, women who have dedicated themselves to making their community better and accessible for both young black boys and girls. His work has appeared in many print and digital publications.

Speaker: A.J. Woodson, Editor in Chief, Black Westchester



Branch Meeting                                              10:30 a.m.               GPL and Zoom

Program: All About the NYS Equal Rights Amendment

The New York State Equal Rights Amendment (NOT THE ERA from many years ago) is a proposed amendment to the New York State Constitution that adds explicit protections for people who experience discrimination. The current NYS Constitution fails to prohibit discrimination against groups who have been historically targeted, including those with disabilities, LGBTQI+ individuals, immigrants, women, and pregnant people. Because the constitutional amendment passed twice in the legislature, the public will have the opportunity to vote on the measure in 2024. The election, in 2024, is the final step in this process. Ultimately, voters across New York will decide if the amendment is ratified.

Speaker: Erica Smitka, Deputy Director, League of Women Voters of New York State


Branch Meeting                                              5:30 p.m.               GPL and Zoom

Program: Women in Higher Education

A panel of women who have held leadership positions in area colleges and universities will speak about the role of women in Higher Education

Speaker:  TBD                                   


Branch Meeting                                                    5:30 p.m.              GPL and Zoom

Program: The New Westchester Symphony Orchestra, Steven Hang, Music Director

The New Westchester Symphony Orchestra is an audition-free, community orchestra serving Westchester County and surrounding areas. NewWSO offers instrumentalists of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play the same repertoire as professional orchestras, but in a non-competitive and supportive environment. They will present a concert to welcome spring while highlighting the orchestra’s outstanding female musicians.



SPRING FLING                                       5:30 p.m.                     TBD

Installation of Officers

Program: Honoring our Westchester Community College Scholarship recipients

Speakers: WCC Community College students who received our branch scholarships




Running and Winning Workshop

April 18, 2024     Manhattanville College


AAUW New York State Convention (TBD)


Girls for STEM Conference (formerly EYO)

College of Mount Saint Vincent


Local Scholarship Event

Westchester Community College



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